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Monday, February 28, 2011

Time Saving Tip…

We’re really trying to eat healthier, so I’ve been making our bread.  Granted, I haven’t gotten to the stage of daily bread baking; however, I’m trying…
With that said, it takes time to measure everything out to make a loaf.  So, I decided I’d package up the dry ingredients in ziploc bags.  Then, when it’s time to make a loaf, I only need to add in the wet ingredients, ground flaxmeal (for extra fiber/protein), and yeast.  I’m really hoping that this time saving tip will allow me to get into a regular bread baking routine.  It’s cheaper if we make our own, and I can monitor the ingredients.  I can also add ingredients like the ground flaxmeal to improve the fiber/protein qualities of the bread.
So, today, I spent some time packaging up 8 bags of dry ingredients.  I make a 1.5lb loaf when I make it, and that lasts about 1-2 days (depending on what the boys eat for breakfast and lunch). 
What are YOUR time saving tips?  Feel free to share them as I’m always looking for more!  I think freezer cooking is another time saving tip, and it’s almost time for a 2nd freezer cooking day here at our house!


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