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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Second Grade Week 35 in Review

We have really enjoyed the “spring-like” weather we’ve been having.  It’s made Caleb eager to school so he can enjoy the nice weather afterwards.  That’s a BIG plus in my book!  LOL!  Here’s how our week went:
Bible – Our Bible story was on “Sin Breaks God’s Law.”  We read Job 1.  Our memory work was First Catechism Q&A 28-29.
Health – This week we started talking about safety.  We discussed safety away from home and on the street.
Science – We continued to discuss different forms of energy.  Caleb had fun doing a few simple experiments with magnets, too.
English – This week we started discussing adjectives.  We talked about describing sight, smell, and sound.
Vocabulary – Caleb continued to review his words, and then he took his test and scored 100%.
Social Studies – This week we reviewed our states in Geography.  In social studies, we started talking about America’s Cowboys. 
Reading – This week we read the following books:
Dinosaur Cove – Tracking the Diplodocus by Rex Stone (Caleb REALLY enjoyed this book, so I’ll have to look for the other Dinosaur Cove books).
Young Abraham Lincoln – Log Cabin President by Andrew Woods
Math – This week we discussed money.  We learned more about the decimal point and dollars.  Caleb continues to do really well with Math U See!
How did school go for you all this week?  Did you have nice weather, too?  I’m hoping the warmer temperatures will stick around for a bit!  It’s a welcome change!


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