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Monday, January 3, 2011

Freezer Cooking Day…

With the start of a new year, we all take time to reflect and make changes.  One of the changes I wanted to implement was being able to offer the boys more ideas for lunch and it’s even better if they’re healthy and easy.  So, with that in mind, Brian and I set out on Saturday to make a day of cooking and freezing.  This was my 2nd time doing such a thing, and the first was when I was pregnant with Micah.  But it was EXTREMELY helpful once we were home with the new baby and needed quick, prepared meals to pop in the oven. 
First, I had to decide what all I’d cook and freeze.  So, after giving it some thought, I came up with the following meal ideas:  chimichangas, taco roll-ups, chicken & broccoli roll-ups, parmesan chicken tenders, homemade pizzas, pancakes, and breakfast burritos.  I already had some bowls of Fiesta Taco Soup in the freezer, so that was on the menu, too.  Second, I had to make sure I had all of the necessary ingredients on hand.  Brian headed to the store while I started making the pizza dough in my new bread machine.  Third, it was time to get cooking.  And cooking I did…I spent nearly 9 hours in the kitchen on Saturday (and also half the day on Sunday), but it’s already proven well-worth the trouble. 
We’re enjoying the fruits of our labor, and it makes me happy to see the boys enjoying something other than PB&J or mac ‘n cheese for lunch.  LOL!  So, I think there will be more freezer cooking days in our future.  I’m hoping all of this food will last us a month, so 12 days a year is good for me! 

Taco Roll-Ups…ended up with 52 totalIMG_7145
Homemade Pizza Dough before par-bakingIMG_7147
Ham & Pineapple Pizzas…ended up with 13 pizzasIMG_7148
Parmesan Chicken Tenders…ended up with 12 total (I didn’t have any more chicken)IMG_7151
Chicken & Broccoli Roll-Ups…ended up with 43 totalIMG_7156
Beef Chimichangas…ended up with 13 totalIMG_7161
Egg Burritos…ended up with 8 totalIMG_7165
***Not pictured, pancakes…ended up with about 40***
Have you ever had a freezer cooking day?  If so, then please share your recipes.  I’d love to add new things for our next big cooking day.  If you want any of the above recipes, then just ask…I’ll gladly post them!


blueviolet said...

You have no idea how badly I wish I lived next door. YUM!

You would share with me if I was your neighbor, right?

Laura said...

Ok...you need to post your recipes! I've done something similar to this before but not nearly in as much "volume."

Lin said...

Do you have a large freezer to store all that?? We have a little house, so we don't have much storage to cook in bulk like that. And now that Col is off to college and Em isn't home half the time, it is just Joe and I warming the little oven for dinner. :( It's kinda sad, really.

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