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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

Well, Santa has come and gone this year, and he was very good to the boys.  You will notice that they didn’t get a whole lot from Santa, but don’t worry…they’ll live.  We just decided to focus on helping others this holiday season, so we sponsored two children from a local non-profit cancer organization here in town (either they have cancer or they are the sibling to a cancer patient), and we also gave gifts to a local family that needed help.  Santa left Caleb a boxing bag with gloves, and he left Micah Andy’s Gift Pack from Toy Story 3.  He left both boys a slot car race track with extra cars, and he left the family an electronic dart board.  Both of the boys were pleased with their gifts from Santa, and they had lots of fun opening up all the gifts under the tree.  They both received lots of goodies.
Brian and I received some good gifts, too.  He surprised me with a bread machine, an electric can opener (I’ve been without one for several years now), and a new handheld vacuum that he got a STEAL of a DEAL on.  He received some t-shirts, some other clothes, a keychain, a remote control caddy, some slippers, and a few other small gifts (he is so hard to shop for).  I’m in LOVE with my bread machine, but that’s another post. 
Here are pictures from Christmas morning 2010…


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