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Friday, November 19, 2010

Second Grade Week 21 in Review

Well, we still aren’t caught up, but I’ve decided to just not worry about it right now.  We will either catch up, or we’ll just toss some of the non-essential lessons out.  Either way, it’ll all work out!  Here’s how week 21 went for us:
Bible – This week our Bible story was on “The Sin of Achan.”  We read Joshua 7:1-26, and our memory work was Isaiah 13:11a.
Health – This week we discussed being polite.  This is again one of those practical lessons in life, and we could all benefit from it.
Science – This week we continued to study bees.  We learned how they stay cool in the summer, and how they stay warm in the winter.  Caleb has enjoyed learning all about bees.
English – We’re still working on our book report chapter.
Social Studies – In Geography, we learned about the sections of the United States…northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest, and central.  We also reviewed Canada, Mexico, and the Gulf of Mexico.  In Social Studies, we are continuing to discuss the Native Americans.  We learned how the Indians taught the Pilgrims and how they helped each other.  We also touched on how the Pilgrims then mistreated and killed some of the Indians.
Reading – This week we read the following books:
”Kenny’s Story” from Evan-Moor Publishing
Iggy Pig’s Silly Day by Vivian French
Freckle Juice by Judy Blume
Math – This week we are working on subtraction by making “10.”  Caleb is slowly picking up the subtraction methods.  I’ll admit, it is a lot to remember, but it’s easier because Mr. Steve (Math U See) focuses on addition rather than subtraction.  By using addition, you can subtract much more efficiently.
Thanks for following our home school studies.  We’re heading up to Virginia to spend the Thanksgiving break with Brian’s parents.  So, if I don’t get around to it before then, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  May we all remember how much we have to be THANKFUL for! 


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