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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Second Grade Week 19 in Review

Well, my hopes for staying on top of schooling this year have finally become a disappointment.  Granted, we’re not that far behind, but nonetheless, we are behind now.  Our mini-vacation, field trips, Co-Op, and sickness have put a kink in our schooling.  However, I have faith that we will get caught up in due time.  With that said, here’s how week 19 went for us (we finished it a few days ago…I’m just now posting):
Bible – This week our Bible story was on “Joshua and Jericho.”  Our memory work was Ephesians 6:10.  We read Joshua 6:1-27.
Health – This week we continued to review Unit 1, and Caleb finished up with the Unit 1 Test.  He scored 100% on his tests, so that made us all happy!
Science – This week we continued to discuss insects by talking about baby insects.  We learned about butterflies and moths and their differences/similarities.
English – We discussed how to use the telephone directory and tips for taking a message.  We continued to work on dictionary skills, too.
Social Studies – In Geography, we continued to review the states we’ve learned thus far.  In social studies, we finished up our discussion on The Separatists.  Next week we’ll start learning about The Indians.
Reading – We read the following books this week:
Davy Crockett – Bold Pioneer by Laurence Sentry & Joann Early Macken
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
Love is All You Need by Catherine Daly
Math – This week we discussed subtraction “-8”.  Caleb is really trying to grasp the subtraction, but it’s not coming as easily as the addition.  So, we’ll have to put in some extra practice to make sure he gets those facts down.
As always, we appreciate you all following our 2nd grade home schooling adventures.  We’ve got lots of fun field trips and seasonal activities planned, so be sure to check the blog for that.  I’ll also be sharing pictures from our mini-vacation soon…


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