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Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, it looks like our sweet baby boy Micah is dealing with a mild case of reflux. I took him into the pediatrician today because he sounded more congested than usual. He has also been extremely fussy over the past week. He'll go from happy and smiling to screaming bloody murder lickety-split. We didn't know what was wrong. Well, the doctor said his ears and lungs looked great; however, he did sound a bit stuffed up. We continued to discuss Micah, and I mentioned that he has some issues when laying down at night. He still sleeps all night, but he seems quite agitated at times once we lay him down. He'll lift his head as if he's got something in his throat, and we'll sometimes hear him gurgling. He will occasionally spit-up as well, and he often has bad gas. After hearing all of this, the pediatrician mentioned that we should try him on some Zantac. So, we're going to do some Saline Nasal spray for the congestion and Zantac twice a day for the reflux. We'll continue to monitor the situation to see if this is helping. So, keep your fingers crossed that our sweet, happy-go-lucky little guy will be back in no time. I'll keep you all updated!


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