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Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas 2013…just a little late

Yes, I know…this is way overdue, but I’m just now getting around to it.  We had a wonderful Christmas down here in Florida.  Although we missed our families, we made the most of it. 
Christmas morning, the boys woke up with tons of excitement and anticipation to see what Santa had left for them.  After checking everything out, we had our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls (one day I will venture to make them from scratch). 
We opted to enjoy a Christmas lunch buffet at a local bistro, and I must say…this was SUCH an easy option.  Eat all you want, and then someone else gets to clean up.  What kind of deal is that?!!? 
Once lunch was over, we went to a local park so the boys could ride their new bike and scooter (bike for Micah and scooter for Caleb).  The park was followed by a much needed nap, and then we enjoyed the rest of the day just being together as a family.



Lin said...

Looks like a great Christmas!! Can't believe how they have both grown. WOW!

Look up the recipe for Monkey Bread--or I can send it to you. You make it yourself with store-bought frozen biscuit dough and it is the BEST cinnamon rolls EVER! You just toss it all into a bundt pan the night before--cinnamon, sugar, butter, and a package of butterscotch pudding mix --and it is to DIE FOR. No effort and a huge result.

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