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Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 12 of Learning 2013-14

We finished up week 12 on Saturday…yes, we do school on Saturdays now because of Brian’s new job (more on that later).   ***I did not take nearly the pictures that I typically do…not sure why, but just a heads up***
Micah, Kindergarten

  • Bible – This week we used our Bible time to do some of Micah’s lessons in his Awanas Sparks book.  This is our first year ever with Awanas, and I’m having a hard time figuring out the time allotment to get it all in.  So, we used our Bible time to help.
  • Phonics – This week Micah worked on the consonants ‘r and j’.  He learned the phonograms
    “-ack and –am.”  His sight words were “ran, so, pretty, out.” 
  • Poetry – Our poem this week was “Way Up High in the Apple Tree.”  We used the poem to discuss commas, periods, and syllables.
  • Math – This week Micah worked on counting and writing 30-40. 
Caleb, Fifth Grade
  • Bible – Caleb also worked in his Awanas book…T & T.  Again, I’m trying to find the balance between homeschool, household duties, and Awanas memorization/study.  Any suggestions from you pros out there?
  • Math – Caleb worked on more long addition; more rounding and estimating; comparing two numbers; and more number comparisons.
  • English – This week Caleb worked on linking verbs and predicate nouns.
  • FUN SCHOOL Explorations – Due to a crazy, chaotic week (again, not sure why), we didn’t get around to all of our fun school studies.  However, here’s what we did…
    • Take it To Your Seat Tuesday – Caleb read and sorted the Astronomy cards.  He put the planets in order as well.
    • Turn the Page Thursday – Caleb spent some time reading books from our homeschool library. 
So, there you have it…that was our week.  Like I mentioned, Brian recently started a new job where he has one day off during the week and every other Sunday off.  So, since his day off is Wednesdays, we don’t do any school.  Because of this, we’re having to use our Saturdays to do school…it’s not a big deal b/c Brian is at work anyway.  So, we’ll make the most of his time home/off, and then do our schooling while he’s at work.  Smile  It’s an adjustment, but we’re all figuring it out together.


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