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Monday, February 11, 2013

Fourth Grade Week 29

We are finished with week 29, and we have one more week before our week-long break.  Here’s how this week went for  us…
Bible – Our questions were ‘Did Noah have to estimate how much food to gather or did God tell him?’ and ‘How did Noah keep the animals on the ark from eating each other and his family?’  We read Genesis 6:21, 7:5, and 8:1 for question 1 and Genesis 8:1, 1:29-30, and 9:3 for question 2.
English – This week Caleb worked on words that are not capitalized and giving directions.  He reviewed the Chapter 3 information in order to prepare for his test.
Math – Caleb worked on quarter and fourth; symmetry; adding fractions; subtracting fractions; kilometers; and when to multiply/when to divide.
Classical Conversations Foundations – We finished up Week 17, and here’s what we learned.

  • English – Helping verbs – was, were, be, being, been
  • Science – some parts of a volcano
  • History – the Aztecs
  • Math – the area of a square equals length of its side squared
  • Latin – 2nd Declension Noun Endings (singular and plural)
  • Geography – Southern Africa…Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar
  • Timeline – Napoleon Crowned Emperor of France, Liberation of South America, The War of 1812, The Missouri Compromise, Immigrants Flock to America, The Monroe Doctrine, Romantic Period of the Arts
  • Science Experiments – This week we learned about the effect of motion on weathering and how natural bridges stand.
  • Fine Arts – Great Artists – This week we studied Michelangelo, and we created a Fresco painting by using watercolors on plaster of paris. 
How did your week go?  Are you taking off next week for President’s Day?  We’re excited to have a week off, and I hope to get some much needed housework done.  Smile


Lin said...

You get a whole week off for President's day???! My kids are lucky to get a day for president's day/parent teacher conferences. Me...well, there are no days off until Memorial day. :(

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