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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Your Help Is Needed

I posted earlier about the wonderful experience that our oldest son, Caleb, had at Camp Twitch and Shout.  While he and the rest of the campers had a fabulous time, there’s no guarantee that they can continue to experience this wonderful camp.  Camp Twitch and Shout needs our help.  It costs roughly $2000 for a child to attend camp, but in order to make this camp affordable to everyone, they only charge $300 per camper.  That’s a huge burden on their shoulders to cover the remaining expense. 
My son, along with 8 other boys, were in Cabin Blue 1 this summer.  They have come together to try to do their part in order to help keep Camp Twitch and Shout alive.  We have set up an online fundraising campaign, and we’d love your help.  Please feel free to share this link or post with everyone.  Without our help, this week of ‘normalcy’ for children and teens with Tourette Syndrome may not be possible.  So, please help if you can. 
Everyone in B1 and at Camp Twitch and Shout will be eternally grateful.

Help Keep Camp Twitch and Shout Alive – sponsored by the B1 Brotherhood -- OR click the widget in the top right of my blog page.
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