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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 4

We had a really good week this week!  The changes I made in English really made for a much easier learning time for both of us.  Smile  Here’s how our lessons went…
Bible – Our lesson was on “Beware of Bad Friends,” and we read Exodus 20, Colossians 2:8, and Proverbs 1:8-19.
Latin – This week’s practical Latin was how to say ‘Vale’ and ‘Valete’ (goodbye to one person; goodbye to more than one person).  Caleb also learned about invisible verbs, and his vocabulary words were:  amo, adoro, habito, judico, and paro.
Vocabulary – Caleb continued to study antonyms this week, and his words were collect, disperse, torrent, trickle, maintain, discontinue, snare, release, methodical, and haphazard.
English – We continued to focus on nouns this week, but we did more hands-on activities.  We completed some worksheets, as well.  Caleb cut out pictures of nouns from magazines and then labeled them on a notebooking page.  He also separated noun tiles into categories (animal, person, place, thing).  I hope the hands-on activities will really help cement the concept.

Reading – We finished reading The Bears of Blue River by Charles Major.
Math – This week Caleb continued his assessments of last year’s math concepts.  He completed the week by taking two cumulative tests.  He has one more test when we resume in July, and then he’ll move onto Light Unit 302.
Exploration – This week Caleb read and studied about snakes.  He completed a lapbook on snakes, but I’ll save the pictures for that for another post (there are a lot).  Here’s the cover of the lapbook though…
Next week is our first week off (we’re following a new schedule this year where we take off every other Friday and one week a month).  I’m looking forward to the break, but I’m sure I’ll be preparing our July lessons, too.  Smile  Thanks for following our 4th grade adventures!


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