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Friday, October 15, 2010

Second Grade Week 17 in Review

We finished up week 17 a few days ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting our review.  This has been a busy week for us, so that explains a little of it.  Here’s how the week went:
Bible:  Our Bible story this week was on “God’s Law”, and we read Exodus 20:1-23.  Our memory work for the week was Galatians 3:24.
Health:  This week we learned how to prevent communicable diseases. 
Science:  This week we began studying insects.  We learned how God designed them all with a purpose and plan.
English:  Caleb took his test over the poetry chapter, and we began a new English chapter.  We talked about tips for good listening, and we worked on listening for the main idea.
Vocabulary:  Caleb was tested over the words he’s been studying for two weeks, and he scored 100%.
Social Studies:  In Geography, we added California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming to our states study.  In Social Studies, we continued to study The Separatists.  We learned how the men were taken over, and the boat with the women and children got left behind.  The judge heard the case of the women, and then sent them to Holland to be with their husbands.  Then, the Separatists were getting upset because the children were forgetting their English ways.
Reading:  This week we read the following books:
Scooby Doo!  The Big Bad Blizzard by Gail Herman
Volcanoes! by Anne Schreiber
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett
Math:  We worked on subtraction –2 this week.
Thanks for following our home school adventure.  We started Co-Op classes yesterday, so I’m sure I’ll be posting about that soon.  I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!


Mighty M said...

Ooh - Scooby Doo! Hannah is having a Scooby Doo party this weekend. :)

♥Georgie♥ said...

I love it....after what i have been through i amthinking i shoulda homeschooled!

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