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Monday, September 20, 2010

Second Grade Week 14 in Review

We have completed another week of studies at Childress Academy.  It feels great to be on track and STAY on track.  We’ve done a fairly good job thus far this year, and I hope we continue to stay on top of our schooling.  Here’s how week 14 went for us…
Bible:  Our Bible story this week was on “God Sees Me.”  Our memory work was First Catechism Q&A #12.  We read John 4:1-42 to learn more about how we cannot hide from God.
Health:  This week we started learning about our eyes.  We learned how our eye is very similar to a camera, and we learned the different parts of the eye.
Science:  This week we started learning about beavers.  Caleb learned why we have the saying “busy as a beaver.”
English:  This week we finished up our chapter on verbs by taking a chapter test.  Caleb scored 98%.  We started a new writing chapter, and we’ll be working on writing poems for a bit.
Vocabulary:  We got a list of new words this week:  badge, banner, corner, design, display, fold, parade, rectangle, salute, and tread.  Caleb did a few activities to learn the definition of the words.
Social Studies:  In Geography, we learned the location of Russia.  In Social Studies, we finished up our study of patriotic songs by discussing “God Bless America.” 
Reading:  This week we read the following books/passages:
”Ducks Don’t Get Wet” poem from Evan-Moor
”The Case of the Missing Apples” story from Evan-Moor
Pigs Love Potatoes by Anika & Christopher Denise
Our Library by Eve Bunting
Math:  This week we spent several days reviewing all of our math facts.  Caleb took his Unit 2 Test, and he scored 100%.  I’m hoping he really has all of the addition problems memorized because we start subtraction this week.  Wish us luck…
In other news, I’m already thinking about 3rd grade curriculum choices.  I know, I know…it’s WAY too early.  LOL!  I’m just browsing…that’s all.  As of right now, I think we’ll be making a few changes, but I’m not certain yet.  So, just keep checking back.


Mighty M said...

Sounds like a lot of learning is going on at your house! Hannah lost her first tooth last night so we have been reading lots of books on teeth! :)

Lin said...

What ever happened to your menu planning? I haven't chuckled about left-overs in a looong time, Sherrie. ;) Maybe you could do a cooking lesson--that might be fun.

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