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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Second Grade Week 8 in Review

We are done with yet another week of second grade.  It feels so good staying on schedule and getting things accomplished.  Caleb has been very cooperative as well.  If I know that there will be a kink in the schedule, he’s been working with me to get the work done (on the w-ends if need be) so that we will stay on track.  I LOVE that he’s enjoying school better this year.  It makes my heart proud.
Here’s how this week went for us:
Bible:  Our Bible story focused on “God is a Spirit.”  The memory work for this week was First Catechism Q&A 9.  We read Acts 17:22-34 to learn more about our Bible lesson.
Health:  This week we learned more exercises.  We learned how to do the Elephant Swing, Ostrich Run, and Seagull Wing Stretcher.  Caleb also read about how to play Circle Tag.  I’m hoping he’ll have the opportunity to play when we get together with some of our homeschool friends.
Science:  This week we discussed “Fun & Fitness.”  Caleb learned even more about exercising in his science lessons.
English:  This week we continued discussing nouns by learning about capitalizing titles and using commas in a series.  Caleb had some difficulty with the latter concept, but  he soon caught on and understood it.
Vocabulary:  This week Caleb finished up the two-week lesson by completing more activities that reinforce the meaning of his words.  He also took his test, and he scored 92%.  He is doing really well in vocabulary, and I’m so proud of him.
Social Studies:  In geography, we added Canada, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and Rhode Island to our studies.  In social studies, we continued discussing holidays.  This week we discussed Independence Day and Labor Day.
Reading:  This week we read the following books:
Daniel Boone – Frontier Explorer by Keith Brandt and Joann Early Macken
Gilbert, the Surfer Dude by Diane de Groat
Math:  This week we discussed shapes (circles and triangles) and addition of doubles.  Caleb also took his Unit 1 Test.  He is doing really well in math, and he really likes it this year.  Again, I’m so pleased of his work thus far.
Art:  This week Caleb created a “Complementary Turn About”.  We weren’t able to complete the 2nd art lesson this week, so we’ll tack it on to next week’s.  This week completed our study on the element of color, too.  We’ll move on to another element of art next week.

orange on blue turn-aboutIMG_6321yellow on purple turn-aboutIMG_6323red on green turn-aboutIMG_6324
Thanks again for following our adventures in second grade.  We really enjoy sharing what we’re learning, and how our curriculum is panning out.  If you’ve started school, how’s it going?  I hope everyone has a GREAT year!


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