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Monday, August 2, 2010

Second Grade Week 7 in Review

We are back on track and returning to our 4 days per week schooling schedule.  That’s such wonderful news to my ears.  LOL!  With that said, here’s how last week went for us.
Bible:  Our Bible story was on the “Tower of Babel.”  We read Genesis 11:1-9.  Caleb’s memory work was James 3:16.
Health:  We began discussing exercising your whole body.  Caleb learned two exercises…the tiger touchdown and the flamingo stand.
Science:  We learned about our skin…pores, oil, sweat, etc.
English:  We continued to discuss nouns.  We learned about adding “s” to nouns, adding “es” to nouns, plural nouns that change spelling, and common/proper nouns. 
Vocabulary:  Caleb got new words this week.  The words for this two-week session are:  “ape, brain, branch, cavern, chimney, dozen, flame, net, spear, and torch.”  We did several activities to reinforce the definition of the words.
Social Studies:  In Geography, we added Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Virginia to our state study.  In social studies, we started discussing patriotic holidays.  We began by studying Memorial Day and Flag Day.
Reading:  We read the following books/stories this week:
”Going Around Earth” by Evan-Moor Publishing
”A Bell for Cat – An Aesop Fable” by Evan-Moor Publishing
”Cave Pet” by Evan-Moor Publishing
Peppe the Lamplighter by Elisa Bartone
Math:  We discussed addition +8 this week.  With the Math U See curriculum, Caleb is really knocking out his math facts.  He continues to do really well.  I’m very pleased with our curriculum choice for math this year.  Thanks to all of my friends for your wonderful reviews of MUS. 
Art:  We continued to discuss complementary colors this week.  Caleb created two complementary color projects…1)  Cut Paper Complementary Color Project and 2)  Complementary Rip & Paste. 

Caleb working on his cut paper complementary color project (you’re basically cutting snowflake/cut out designs and gluing them on the opposite color)IMG_6295 Caleb’s red on green designIMG_6298 Caleb’s yellow on purple designIMG_6306 Caleb’s orange on blue design (he had a little bit of help from daddy with this one).IMG_6307 Final projectIMG_6310 Caleb working on his complementary rip & paste projectIMG_6313 More ripping…IMG_6315 Final project (he created an animal, sand castle, and a beach ball factory)…pretty creative, eh?  LOL!IMG_6320
And because I’m such a loving mommy, I’m going to throw in a few pictures of Micah.  He’s such a cheeser for the camera.  Every time I get it out, he starts grinning and saying, “Cheese.”  He also demands that I take a picture of him and everything else.  So, I always oblige!
Thanks for continuing to follow our second grade adventures.  Join us next time to see what we’ve been up to this week! 


Help! Mama Remote... said...

You are so good. I respect Mom's that homeschool! Thanks for sharing I can use some of these ideas with my little one that's home with me.

Together We Save said...

Wow fun projects... already to week 7? You have gotten a good start.

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