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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Second Grade Week 5 in Review

It seems like we’ve been working on week 5 forever.  We had to start it before vacation, and we just finished it yesterday.  With that said, here’s how week 5 panned out for us.
Bible:  Our Bible story this week was on “Noah and the Flood.”  We read Genesis 6:1 – 9:29.  Caleb’s Bible memory verse for the week was Genesis 6:8.
Health:  We discussed the benefits of a good dinner.  Caleb now knows what he should be eating for all 3 meals and snacks each day.  Now, let’s see how well he follows those guidelines…
Science:  We discussed food for health.  This was basically a review of the different food types (energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals).
English:  Caleb finished up his personal story this week by completing the writing process.  I think he did a WONDERFUL job. 

Caleb’s personal story titled, “Micah.”IMG_6285
Vocabulary:  Our vocabulary terms for the next two weeks are “antenna, balance, boulder, cliff, joint, machine, motor, muscle, planet, and slope.”  Caleb learned what each word means, and he did a few exercises to reinforce the meaning of each word.
Social Studies:  In Geography, we reviewed the 5 states we had previously learned.  I then added the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to our study.  In Social Studies, we discussed some of our freedoms (freedom of speech, press, and religion).  We also discussed the flag and how to properly care for the flag. 
Reading:  Caleb read the following books this week
The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone by Stan & Jan Berenstain
”Frog and Toad” poem by Christina Rosetti
Theodore All Grown Up by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Math:  This week we worked on solving for the unknown.  It took Caleb a bit, but he finally grasped the concept.  He seems to really be enjoying the Math U See.
Art:  Our first activity had Caleb using tertiary colors to create a fall picture.  Tertiary colors are created by mixing a primary color with a secondary color.  Caleb had to complete a tertiary color wheel for his final activity this week.
Caleb working on his fall picture using tertiary colorsIMG_6093 Coloring the tree greenIMG_6096 Adding in yellow, orange, and red to make tertiary colorsIMG_6097 Caleb completed fall pictureIMG_6100 Caleb working on his tertiary color wheel
IMG_6280 Caleb’s completed tertiary color wheelIMG_6284


blueviolet said...

I would have liked your lesson plan!

I really hope you're doing well. I feel like I haven't talked to ya in ages!

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