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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Fun in Pictures…

Rather than type up another long post, I thought I’d share some more pictures of the summer fun the boys have been having.  Some of these will be from events that I’ve previously posted about; however, the pictures are new (they are from a friend’s camera).  So, I hope you enjoy looking at all of the fun the boys have been having…

Caleb, Ashton, and Colton at the co-op presentation dinner27976_1342694039844_1006012639_30785585_7633151_nAshton, Caleb, Jordan, and Jackson at The Varsity27976_1342651158772_1006012639_30785454_661406_n Ashton and Caleb (BATMAN to the rescue)27976_1342617677935_1006012639_30785404_2749145_n BATMAN twins27976_1342667359177_1006012639_30785491_408812_nCaleb, Ashton, Colton, and Jacob at Colton’s birthday party36717_1360640688499_1006012639_30829029_845853_n Caleb on one of the bounce pieces36717_1360640808502_1006012639_30829031_557741_nMicah and Ariana playing t-ball36717_1360640608497_1006012639_30829027_3696455_n
Micah had so much playing with this t-ball thingIMG_5686  Caleb and Ashton…best buds36717_1360640928505_1006012639_30829034_4234702_n Caleb and Ashton at VBS at the church Ashton’s family attends36717_1360641008507_1006012639_30829036_1803752_n Caleb getting ready to collect the offering36717_1360641128510_1006012639_30829039_2288964_n Playing a game at VBS36717_1360641488519_1006012639_30829047_6428158_n More VBS games36717_1360641608522_1006012639_30829050_5411514_n Caleb decorating his bag that he made at VBS36717_1360632568296_1006012639_30828964_4436463_nHe made an “ant” bag36717_1360632688299_1006012639_30828967_1784946_n Spoon game at VBS36717_1360637888429_1006012639_30829013_2204548_n Ashton and Caleb getting a little help from a VBS worker36717_1360637968431_1006012639_30829015_7067882_n Kites from VBS36717_1360638248438_1006012639_30829021_6963393_n Caleb going down the water slide the last day of VBS (I didn’t know they needed a swimsuit)36717_1360632248288_1006012639_30828958_3695146_n Caleb and Ashton eating supper at VBS36717_1360632448293_1006012639_30828961_3469571_n Micah on the dragon ride at Johnny G’s (a local play place)36717_1360633488319_1006012639_30828985_1340488_n Micah coming down the slideIMG_5849 Climbing up againIMG_5850 Aiden and Micah on the train at Johnny G’s (Aiden is about 5 months older than Micah, and they play very well together)IMG_5857 Aiden and Micah on the dragon ride…Micah LOVED this rideIMG_5859 Caleb, Ashton, Micah, and Ella (there are more on the other side of the table) eating lunch at Johnny G’s36717_1360633528320_1006012639_30828986_5746905_n 
As you can tell, the boys have had lots and lots of fun so far this summer.  And – it’s not over yet…so stay tuned for more pictures at another time.


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Great pictures and your blog design is PERFECT...

HAPPY FOURTH FRIEND! Celebrate America!

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