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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let’s Go Back to the 1800’s…

Caleb and I had the opportunity to go back and see what life was like back in the 1800’s on Friday.  We met up with many of our homeschool friends, and we all traveled to the Agrirama in Tifton.  It was quite the experience. 
The trip started with Caleb and the other boys donning their suspenders, and the girls dressing up in skirts from that time period.  Then, they were off to the one-room schoolhouse.  The 3rd grade and younger crowd went to the schoolroom, and the older kiddos went to the church (not enough room in the schoolroom).  They sat in old school desks, and the teachers explained how things were back then.  She showed them all the switch that was used when anyone was out of line.  Of course, my child had to share that I’ve had a switch used on me before…and yes, it’s true.  LOL!  My dad didn’t hesitate to grab a switch if we were cutting up back when I was growing up. 
The teacher had them work on their writing, math, and reading.  They then got to go outside for recess and play a game from the time period.  I don’t know what they called it, but it’s similar to Duck, Duck, Goose.  However, they were using a “rag” (bandana).  After recess, they were all dismissed. 
We then enjoyed a picnic lunch with our friends.  Once lunch was over, we headed off to tour the facilities.  We were able to see what the building were like back in that time period, and we saw how they worked and lived.  The older students actually got to do some of the “chores.” 
We toured the doctor’s office, the drug store, the blacksmith, the print shop, the sawmill, the train depot, and several of the farmhouses.  The kids also enjoyed the chickens, cow, sheep, ducks, and the gardens.
Overall, it was a fun trip.  However, I don’t know if we’ll do it again any time soon.  Maybe once Caleb is old enough to do some “chores” we’ll go back.  That might make it a bit more interesting for him.  He enjoyed being able to spend time with his friends though.  Heck, mommy did, too! 
Here are some pictures of our day.  Enjoy and be thankful that life isn’t still like this.  I, myself, love modern-day conveniences way too much to live back then.  LOL!

Caleb standing by the “wishing well” while we waited for our tour to begin.IMG_5417 I promise you that he is a sweet kid…he just refuses to smile in pictures.  LOL!IMG_5419 Caleb with his suspenders on…again, not happy about the picture.IMG_5423 Caleb and his friend, Colton, donning their suspenders.IMG_5424There’s a smile…in school, no less.  LOL!IMG_5427 Caleb listening to the teacher explain how things were back in the 1800’s.IMG_5429 Caleb reading from his book in the one-room schoolhouse.IMG_5431 Caleb working on his writing assignment.IMG_5436Getting ready to play the game at recess.IMG_5441 A horse and carriage in the Museum.IMG_54441926 ChevroletIMG_5445 Caleb and Colton in the tobacco room.IMG_5446 Caleb standing in front of the cotton gin.  IMG_5447 Caleb was mesmerized by the blacksmith.  I think he could have stayed there all day if I let him.  It was too hot and stinky for me though.IMG_5448
Have any of you locals been to the Agrirama?  If you haven’t been, then it is worth a trip just to see how they lived.  It’s amazing at what they accomplished without the technologies we have today.  Sometimes, I think maybe we should go back to that era…life would probably be much more simpler.  However, I might not be a happy camper because I’d miss my air conditioning, my Starbucks, and all the other conveniences we have today.  LOL!


Ashley said...

That sounds like an awesome day! (I would've missed air conditioning too LOL). I have never been to that or any kind of event like that. But it was be absolutly awesome to!

hotpants™ said...

Sounds like an awesome place for kids to visit. It's nice to know how people lived a long time ago, but I wouldn't want to go back. I love technology way too much.

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