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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Grade Week 37 in Review

We are done with another week of first grade.  We’re now counting down the days or I am anyway until it’s all over for a bit.  Here’s how week 37 went for us:
Heritage Studies:  We continued to discuss how everyone is special.  We also discussed how a family is special and how families have rules.  I, myself, was glad to teach that particular lesson. 
Science:  We talked about describing the water in air, the jobs of a weatherman, and how to be good stewards.  We are now completely finished with our 1st grade Science book, so we’ll spend some time doing some lapbooks and reading library books if I can get it all crammed into the lessons.
Math:  Caleb learned how to read a Celsius thermometer and how to measure perimeter.
Bible:  Our Bible verse this week was I John 3:18, and our Bible story was “Thanking the Lord Jesus.”
Vocabulary:  We added “bold, divide, equal, length, and receive” to our list of vocabulary terms.
Phonics & English:  We added “-are, –air, –ief, and –ield” to our list of word families.  The word “won’t” was added to our list of service words.  In English skills, we discussed describing words, alphabetical order, contractions, and changing ‘y to i’ before adding ‘es’ and ‘ed’.
Extra Stuff:  We finally got our garden planted.  That will be a separate post soon, so look for that.  Other than that, we’ve been spending some time with our homeschool friends and enjoying playdates and fun!
As always thanks for following our adventures.  Check back next time to see what we’ve been up to!


Jennifer said...

Busy week! Have you seen the kids weather question on 41 (I think)? I try and dvr it for my littles. It's not always age appropriate but the weather man explains it pretty well... oh wait it might be before your alarm goes off ;-)

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