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Monday, March 29, 2010

First Grade Week 36 in Review

Well, there’s no denying that we’ve fallen behind.  We were doing so well until the end of February.  However, since then, we just can’t find our groove again.  Besides, life has also been throwing all kinds of curveballs (illness, Caleb’s situation, co-op, etc).  We only have 35 more days of school left, but as long as we get those all in before May 20th, I don’t care how or when it gets done.  Caleb knows this, so he’s prepared to do what it takes to get it done.  With all of that said, here’s how week 36 went for us.
Heritage Studies:  We discussed spending and saving money (something that is very near and dear to Caleb), took our chapter test, and started a new chapter.  We discussed “you are special” to begin the new chapter.
Science:  We took a chapter test, and then we started a new chapter on weather.  We discussed describing the temperature of air and describing the movement of air.
Math:  Caleb started a new chapter on worked on measuring in centimeters, estimating and measuring in centimeters, liter, and kilogram.
Bible:  Our Bible story was on “God Saves Sinners”, and we reviewed all of our Bible verses thus far.
Vocabulary:  We added “awkward, tide, construct, tower, and drop” to our list of vocabulary terms.
Phonics & English:  This week we discussed antonyms, rhyming words, analogies, and suffixes/prefixes.
Extra Stuff:  Caleb and Micah are still having a fun time at co-op.  I’m also still enjoying the classes that I assist in and the ones I’m teaching.  Here’s some of Caleb’s work from the past few weeks:

This is a fish sun catcher that Caleb made in his Extreme Weather class.  It’s now hanging in our living room window.IMG_5326 This is the covered wagon that Caleb made in his Pioneers and Indians class.
This is an “apple print” picture that Caleb made in the poetry class that I teach.  We read a poem called “I Eat”, and they used apple prints to paint.  Caleb went a little crazy…IMG_5329  This is the “tissue paper” egg that Caleb made in the poetry class last week.  The poem was “Some Things That Easter Brings” by Elsie Parrish.IMG_5331
Please remember to keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.  We head to the pediatric neurologist at 9:30am, and I’m praying that we will get some much needed answers.  We’ve discussed more about the situation with Caleb, and we’ve explained that we’re going to see a doctor who is going to try to help us find out “why” his body is doing what it is doing.  That seems to be his biggest question…”Why does my body do this?”  Again, it breaks our heart to hear that, but we’re glad that he’s being open to the doctor’s appointment pending he doesn’t get any shots or finger pricks and getting answers.  Thank you for reading and for following our story.


Lin said...

It looks like school is rolling along (no pun intended)! It's hard to believe that this year is over.

Keep us posted on Caleb and you. We do care, you know. :)

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