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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It Looks a Little Like Christmas…

I usually like to get the house decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Yeah I know…that’s a tad too early for some of you out there. But – I like to enjoy the tree for more than just a few weeks. I also like to get it out of the way before all the hustle and bustle begins. Well, that didn’t happen this year. Then, we left to go to VA for Thanksgiving. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to put the tree up or not. Keep in mind, we’re leaving the 26th of December for a mountain vacation, and we’re not returning until after the New Year!
With all of that said, I finally broke down and put up the “playroom” tree. This is the little 4-ft tree that we bought last year to put in the playroom. It houses all of the handmade ornaments from preschool, and some of the other ornaments that aren’t as fragile. Well, being as Micah is INTO everything, I was hesitant to put it in the playroom. So, we opted out of putting up the big tree and just put the playroom tree in the dining room. We keep the dining room/office gated off, so little fingers can’t destroy things. This room is also home to the many LEGOS that Caleb leaves lying around the floor trying to cause damage to his parents owns.
So, Caleb helped me decorate the tree, and I hung the stockings on the china cabinet. The only other decorations I pulled out were the countdown calendar and the wreath (which happened to be a gift from Omi and Opa…and it’s real). That’s the extent of our decorating this year. With two destructive little boys, I think we’re good. LOL!

The tree looks so tiny up on that box.IMG_4634Note the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lego people that now adorn my tree. This is Caleb’s handiwork.IMG_4637 More Star Wars figures to enjoy.IMG_4638This is Micah’s 2nd Christmas ornament. My mom started these collections for both boys, and it’s nice to look back at the ornaments each year.IMG_4639 This is a reminder of our whirlwind day at Walt Disney World this summer.IMG_4642This is the “fishing” ornament Caleb got from my mom last year. He loves it.IMG_4644 This is the very first ornament that Caleb brought home from preschool when he was two years old. I hope to keep it forever!IMG_4648This was made with the Neil Family during Christmas 2008.IMG_4651 Caleb brought this home from preschool when he was four years old. Again, I hope to have it around for years to come.IMG_46535 stockings…all hung with care. I usually hang them on the mantle, but I think my little “grabby” toddler would pull them on himself, so they’ll stay here out of reach.IMG_4646


Willa said...

I love all your cute and handmade ornaments.also the stockings. Btw, I have a Christmas Tag for you.

Lin said...

Oh, the tree is lovely! We have all kinds of ornaments for the kids that represent each year of their lives--I love that.

Laura said...

We have that same exact 2009 Disney ornament!! Man, it seems like we were just there and it was in May when we went!

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