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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Childress Family Day

On Saturday, we drove up to East Point to visit with Uncle Patrick, Aunt Darcy, and Harper.  Omi and Opa had flown down as well.  This was our first meeting with Harper.  She’s the first girl in the family, so we were thrilled to be meeting her.  She was born on 9/5/09 at 31.5 weeks gestation.  On 11/8/09, she had her homecoming.  She’s doing great, and we were so happy to be able to finally meet her.  Both boys were sooo gentle with her, but Micah really surprised us with his gentleness. 
We were able to go out for some pizza for lunch.  Then, we came home and everyone decorated some cookies.  After an afternoon of naps, fun, and games, we enjoyed some burgers and hot dogs.  It was a great trip, and we all had a lot of fun.  I’ll leave you with some pictures of our day!  Enjoy!

Micah in the car…ready to go.  If you look close enough, you’ll see his first busted lip.  He and the tile floor in the kitchen had a fight on Friday night.  The tile won!IMG_4679
Caleb drawing snakes with Aunt Darcy (she’s an art teacher).IMG_4681
Micah counting eggs.  Uncle Patrick showed him how, and then he copied.IMG_4682 Micah loving on Harper before we left for pizza.IMG_4685
Micah with his eggs…he was occupied with these most of the day.IMG_4688
Aunt Darcy shows Caleb all the choices for decorating the cookies.IMG_4690 Uncle Patrick shows Caleb how to use the frosting.IMG_4691
Caleb starting his first cookie.  I tell ya…the boy can’t do anything without sticking out his tongue.  It must help with his concentration.IMG_4693 Micah getting in on the cookie decorating fun…but he much prefers just to eat the nonpareils.IMG_4699 Micah enjoying some frosting.  I don’t think he took any bites of the cookies.IMG_4700 Caleb decorating his Gingerbread Man…note Brian taking a snooze.  He caught up on some sleep while we all decorated cookies.IMG_4703 Uncle Patrick demonstrates his “concentration” look with his tongue out.  I wonder if it’s a family trait…hmmmIMG_4704
A close-up of a snoozing Brian.IMG_4712 Harper looking up at Omi.  Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever?IMG_4716
Caleb checking out Harper.  It looks like he’s shaking her hand.  LOL!IMG_4720
Micah loving on his new cousin.  This is just the cutest picture to me!IMG_4725 Brian finally woke up and joined Patrick for some cookie decorating.  They were getting all serious (well goofy really) at this point.IMG_4726
Omi joins in on the fun!IMG_4727 Brian getting everything “just right” with his cookie.IMG_4728
Aunt Darcy and Caleb playing a game of “Go Fish.”IMG_4729
Brian’s Gingerbread House.  He was very detail oriented with this one.IMG_4735
Close-up of Brian’s house.IMG_4736
Sweet Harper.  We are so happy there’s now a girl amongst the kiddos.IMG_4759


Working Mommy said...

I love that your son has to stick out his tongue!! That is just too cute! Harper is such a pretty name for a girl...I might have to steal it if we end up having another girl. LOL!


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