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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Things I Won’t Miss About Living in a Condo…

We are gearing up for our sixth move in nine months…this one is exciting though because prayerfully, it’s the last one for a LONG while.  Smile  With that in mind, here are some of the things I will not miss about living in a condo…

  • Having to pay to do laundry – this should save me about $50 a month.  Smile
  • Having the smells from the neighbors’ cooking permeate the hallway and our condo – I’m not sure what they cook sometimes, but the smells are not so pleasant.
  • Having to deal with poop from dogs other than our own – if folks cleaned up after their dogs, this wouldn’t be an issue
  • Not having a yard for the boys to play in – refer to the point above for the reason why
  • Hearing cackling, giggling, loud TVs, and other noises from neighbors – these are women who are a good bit older than myself, but they throw a lot of parties.  LOL!  They’re quite loud and seem to really enjoy themselves.
  • Having to park next to women from other generations who are not very good at parking their cars.  Smile -- I’m not the best at parking my car all the time, but I really try.
  • Sharing ONE bathroom with THREE males – I love my husband and sons, but I do not enjoy sharing a bathroom with them.  Enough said…
  • Not having access to all of my beloved kitchen gadgets, supplies, and belongings – they’re in storage, and I’ve been limited as to what I can cook and do in the kitchen.
  • Not having access to all of my school supplies and educational materials – these are all in storage, and again…we’ve been limited as to what we can do when it comes to schooling, art, etc.
  • Asking my children to be quiet, quit running, and stop stomping for fear the neighbors will complain – you can hear a pin drop in this place, so noise travels.  Suffice it to say that my boys aren’t the quietest, either, so it’ll be nice not having to constantly fuss at them for the noise they enjoy making.
  • Dealing with water issues – it seems the water gets shut off at least once every few weeks for whatever reason.
  • Carrying groceries and other items up a flight of stairs – the boys won’t miss this either as they’ve had to step up and help with this so that I can avoid the multiple trips it would take me if I had to do it alone.
  • Walking up/down stairs just to walk the dog – yes, it’s only one flight of stairs, but when you have to walk the dog 5-6x a day, it’s not fun.
  • Not having the space to entertain friends – granted, we don’t entertain often, but we haven’t even had the opportunity because there’s just not enough room.  Having playdates hasn’t been an option either due to the noise issues.  So, we’re ready to be able to invite friends over for fun times.

I think that’s all I can think of for now…don’t get me wrong, we’ve been blessed to be able to stay in this condo, and for that…we truly are thankful.  We are just more than excited to have our own space for a change.  After living in a house all of your life, moving into a condo is a big adjustment.  Smile 

We’re also excited that we’ll have enough room for friends/family to come visit…so who’s first on the list???  Smile


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