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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 19 of Learning 2013-14

We finished up week 19 yesterday, and here’s what the boys learned…
Micah, Kindergarten Bible – Micah continues to work in his AWANAS Sparks book.
Phonics – This week he worked on the initial ‘th’ and ‘wh’ blends.  He learned the ‘-ath’ phonogram.  His sight words were ‘the, is, it, my, can.’

Math – This was another review week for Micah…he reviewed #s 0-9, rectangles, circles, and patterns.
Caleb, Fifth Grade Bible – Caleb continues to work in his AWANAS T&T Ultimate Challenge book.
Math – This week Caleb worked on multiplying by 3; multiplying by 9 and 11; multiplying by 7 and 12; and the multiplication table. 
English – This week Caleb finished up his final draft for his Reptiles paper.  He then spent time playing games on the computer that focused on pronouns and contractions.  He has informed me that he’d rather have “fun” in English playing games and learning that way.  So, that is what we will aim for.  Besides, we all know that English grammar terms just repeat EVERY year, so taking a few months off from the textbook method won’t hurt.  Smile
We also have been enjoying PE and art at one of the local rec centers on Tuesday afternoons.  It gives me a couple of hours of alone time to get some errands run, and it allows the boys a chance to interact with other homeschoolers and have some fun.  So, a win-win for all of us.  Smile  Our Friday park outing is always a huge hit, too, as the boys get to see more friends and ride their scooters.  I get to enjoy adult conversation with other homeschool moms…another win-win.  Smile


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