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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fourth Grade Week 27

We finished up another week of fourth grade…only about 13 more weeks left (I think that’s right).  Here’s how our week went…
Bible – Our questions were ‘Did Noah take dinosaurs on the ark?’ and ‘How did all the dinosaurs fit on the ark?’  We read Genesis 6:19-20 and 7:14 for the first question and Genesis 6:15, 1:25, and 7:14 for the second question.
English – This week Caleb worked on personal pronouns; I or me; we or us; and using pronouns correctly.  He took a test and scored 96%.
Reading – Caleb continued to read The Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis.
Math – This week Caleb worked on dividing by 4; one-fourth of a number; rounding to the nearest inch; rounding to the nearest centimeter; expressions; and dividing by 6. 
Exploration – Caleb wanted to learn about electricity this week, so I found books from the library for him to peruse.  I also picked up an Electricity kit from Hobby Lobby.  We had a LOT of fun with this topic.  We used a balloon to show static electricity…we made it stick to the wall, had it pick up construction paper snakes, and had it pick up pieces of aluminum foil.  We also used a comb (combed it through our hair) to pick up and move the aluminum foil.  Using the kit, we built a loop and used several loads to show electricity (lamp, motor, and buzzer).  Caleb also completed an electricity notebook/lapbook page.

Classical Conversations Foundations – This was our 15th week with CC.  I actually had Caleb stay home this week because he was fighting the cold/flu stuff that’s been going on.  So, he had to learn it all at home.  Here’s what we learned this week…
  • English – helping verbs has, have, had
  • Science – each continent’s highest mountain
  • History – Henry the Navigator
  • Math – Metric measurements
  • Latin – 1st Declension Noun Endings (singular and plural)
  • Geography – Middle East…Israel, Sinai Peninsula, Suez Canal, Cairo, Gaza Strip
  • Timeline – Japan’s Isolation, Jamestown and Plymouth Colony Founded, Age of Enlightenment, Hudson’s Bay Company, First Great Awakening, Classical Period of the Arts, The Seven Years’ War
  • Science Experiments – This week we talked about prints.  We used modeling clay, a seashell, and plaster of paris to make a print.  We also talked about placer ore deposits.
  • Fine Arts – Great Artists – This week we studied Angelico.  We painted “halos” using metallic paints.
We’re looking forward to completing week 28 and studying invertebrates (again).  Smile  I’m also hoping we’re all turning a corner to get OVER this darn illness that has been ravaging our household.  I hope you and yours are staying well…it’s really bad in our neck of the woods.


Teri M said...

Very cool electricity project! He is learning so much. Hope you all feel better soon, it sure has been an illness-filled winter!

Lin said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Those are some pretty deep subjects there. Looks like long lessons.

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