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Monday, April 4, 2011

Publix Savings for Weekly Ad 3/30-4/5

I’m still trying to figure out this whole couponing thing.  While I  know that a lot of you are able to save tons and use wads of coupons, I just can’t do that.  So, I’m finding myself comfortable saving on the products I know we will eat/use.  I’ve been finding most of my coupons online, and for that I’m thankful.  I haven’t ventured into buying the paper yet because I’m just not sure it’s worth it.  What do all of my local readers think…is it worth it to buy the paper only to get just a few coupons that I may use?  Please share your thoughts on that with me.  Thanks!
Here’s how I did this week:
4 boxes of Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta – $0.78 ($0.20 each)
8 boxes of Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta – $4.00 ($.50 each)
2 boxes of Family Size Special K Cereal – $4.98 ($2.49 each)
10 bags of Knorr Pasta/Rice Sides – $7.50 ($0.75 each)
Total Spent (tax included) – $17.99
Total Savings – $21.56
Percent Saved – 55%
So, I don’t think I did too bad.  And yes…we will eat all of that pasta and all of those Knorr pasta/rice sides.  Smile  It may take us a month or two, but we WILL eat it. 
I want to share how I did at Kroger, too, but it’s really not that impressive.  LOL!  Last week’s Kroger savings weren’t too impressive either.  So, I think I’ll just continue to share how I do at Publix.  Now, if I happen to have a stellar week at Kroger, then I’ll share.  However, until that happens, we’ll just be impressed by the money I’m saving at Publix.  LOL!
How did YOU do this week?  Do you have any tips for me?


Together We Save said...

Getting started and building up a "stockpile" is tough. I do buy a paper but I do the whole drugstore thing too. I don't buy much that we don't use because we pay tax on everything so there is still cost involved.

Christy W said...

Ok so starting the whole "coupon thing" is scary! I have found that I pick Publix and CVS as my 2 stores. They are the easiest and have the best coupon policy. With Publix you seriously need to find a someone to help you break down the list and really help you go over the ad. I have a friend that I help every week and it is a joint effort for both of us, her as a newbie and me as her guide. We usually save between 50 and 85%. Depending on what we are buying. I have found that with my kids they have learned to just eat what ever snacks is in the cabinet that week. They have learned not to argue about it. Would gladly help you if you need it. :) kermit11@cox.net

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