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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Extent of My Holiday Decorating...

It seems like Christmas is just coming faster and faster every year. You see...I normally like to get my decorations out and up the weekend before Thanksgiving or at least on Thanksgiving. But -- being as we were getting ready to leave for VA, that didn't happen this year. So, after much thought and debate, I decided to just put up a small tree in the playroom for the kids. I did put up the other decorations in the living room and such, but I'm not going to put up our family tree in the living room. There's just not much need since Christmas is about three weeks away, and we're headed to the mountains on the 27th.

With that said, Caleb and I took the time this morning to get the tree put up in the playroom. He had lots of fun hanging the ornaments and getting it all decorated. Now that it's up, I'll put the boys in their Christmas pajamas and take their holiday picture sometime this evening. Then, I'll start working on the annual Childress newsletter. I tell ya...I'm late on this stuff this year, and my anal-retentive self doesn't like it at all. Oh well, it'll get out soon enough...LOL!

Here are some pictures of the playroom tree:

Caleb hanging his dinosaur ornament on the tree.

The final product (minus some sort of tree topper that I've got to go purchase).


the Gator Mom said...

perfect size tree for Caleb...I never put up a tree until after the girls birthdays are over...Dec birthdays are no fun but luckily they are the beginning of the month

I posted some pictures of the house, I'll post more tomorrow...you can stop by and see it if you would like

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